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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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way and what we are learning of the mother. >> caught on camera cab chaos. a bay area driver beaten by his passenger after a dispute. >> a look outside with our camera: expect a cloudy start to the morning. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us when the sun will arrive and who is that special neighborhood that is seeing fog this morning? the bay area? i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen watching traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. the bay labs smooth. >> nice, doesn't it. the ferry ride will be calm. the winds are light. they are variable at best. petaluma at garfield or the other side of 101 bodega avenue western avenue, half mile visibility which is better than quarter-mile we had earlier. we have a few clouds and temperatures are just slightly warmer than yesterday on the 12
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hour day planner. who are in the upper 50s to low 60s transitioning to sunshine and a touch of a breeze at the coast and mid-to-upper 50s at 7:00. all eyes are on friday and saturday with an update on the chance of rain coming up. >> police activity out there and elsewhere. what is going on? we have issues, the metering lights own and that is causing some headaches out there at the bay bridge toll plaza so a heavyweight at 15 minutes from the maze to san francisco and we have a report though in oakland that some cars have been pulled over to the shoulder because of flat tires. we will get more information on that. that is the eastern span of the bay bridge from emeryville and it and looking more like molasses at treasure island. >> thank you leyla. from martinez officers are searching for two memorial -- people after a chase that began in sacramento.
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three people are in custody and police think the group robbed a department store before taking off in a it seems to it seems to stolen car. we have details with a report at 6:30 in amy hollyfield. >> developing news, marin county sheriff deputy is joining the search for a 20-day old baby, a boy. here is a photo of the the 23 year old mother said they were kidnapped on mop. she was found after officers her her calling for help. she was hysterical and very disoriented. teams searched looking nor the baby and will resume the search at sunrise. we are continuing to gather details on the story and will bring it to you when we get them. >> also a look at sfo after southwest airlines grounded a fifth of the fleet for missing an urgent maintenance check.
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matt? >> the who issue of maintenance issues at sfo some good news, there are going to be no cancellations because of the issues at oakland however, there are five cancellations. the f.a.a. is going to be low southwest airlines to fly their planes although they admit they missed required maintenance inspection and grounded 128 aircraft yesterday after realizing they failed to do a required maintenance check on the stand by hydraulic system. backup is used to control the rudder if the pain system fails. the airline notified the regulators and developed a plan to complete the check. the f.a.a. agreed to let planes to be resumed if insuper bowls of scheduled. 90 flights were canceled because of this and they expect to
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cancel 19 flights today. it would take two hours a plane for the inspections and a spokesman said they expect to finish a good portion of the inspections by this morning. >> daly city police want you to look at this new video showing a passenger attacking a taxi driver it happened february 15, the man hailed a call in san francisco and got out in dam city and refused to pay. when the 60-year-old driver confronted him you can see he beats the drier. police say other people witnessed this but doing -- did nothing to help. >> there will be a profit at uc berkeley to criticize a sexual assault should do more. they are under investigation for
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handling of sexual assault cases. the school say they are making changes including hiring an advocate for victims and giving victims more rights in the investigation process. >> new details on the push to bring the nfl back to los angeles, a new stadium for the rams was approved last night in englewood days after a plan was announced for the raiders to build a new stadium with the san diego chargers not very far away . >> now the race is on to get to southern california. the owner of the rams already purchased land to make this happen. the city council approved plans to build in englewood. people are mixed on the news. >> i want the stadium. beyond a doubt. >> our community is thrown under the bus so fans can have a place to go clear. >> i'm excited. everyone here is exciteed. 's the we fans wore ram jerseys to the city council meeting where a proposal to build the
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stadium was approved. this is what it could look like. the $2 billion sports arena could. pleated -- could be completed by 2018 and heats up the competition for raiders who dropped a bombshell on their fans last week say they have been working secretly with the san diego chargeers to built a joint stadium in carson only 15 miles from englewood. this is what it would look like, both are a chart drive from los angeles. >> they have either purchased land or have openings to buy the land but it does not sound good. you want your local teams to stopover and make it work in oakland. >> the president of save oakland sports who served on the we stadium board will vote on a one year lease extension but the team said they are wanting to
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stay but plans to move are only in the beginning stages. thank you. a deal to sell some of doctors memorial day center property to san pablo could be announced tonight. doctors is the only public hospital in west contra costa county that is in severe financial trouble and could run out of cash by end of the month. the deal could give 9 hospital's board more time to decide to close or keep the current full service hospital open. the board is looking for vote we support for possible taxes to give the hospital a steady source of we cab. >> former los angeles mayor villaraigosa is sitting out the race for senator boxer's seat. the surprise decision follows weeks of meetings and phone calls with democrats and campaign consultants. this looks state attorney general harris as the only major candidate announcing for that race. >> hillary clinton pushed for more women in the technical
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industry during a speech in silicon valley and we were this when she gave the key note speech yesterday at the silicon valley conference for women, infants, and children and calling out technical leaders for not including more women in the workforce focusing on how hard it is for women to get into the industry. >> when it comes to technology the data reveals a massive digital divide with too many women would want to work more and earn more but are held back by outdated we policies and pressures. >> we are going backwards in a field that is supposed to be all about moving forward. >> the question on everyone's mind, will she run for president? when asked, she said she make the decision "in what time." >> keep 'em guessing. >> in need to guess with regard to the weather in your neighborhood because meteorologist mike nicco will tell you. >> what do you have mike? >> temperatures that are up to nine debs warmer this morning. check it out. no freezing cold conditions like
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yesterday. we were at 32 and you are 35. not there. 39 in palo alto and machine low perk is coolest at 37 and 41 in redwood city and 51 as from san but dough to 52 in san francisco. 37 in santa rosa and 36 in san ramon. this is how it looks on the peninsula, no problems. with a few high clouds or low clouds hanging around still no problems. in the afternoon we hoof to sunshine with a few high clouds and low-to-mid 60s and breezy at the cost. inland neighbors are up to 68. enjoy. leyla? >> we are going to take you to oakland where we have reports of a semi truck that had pipes falling off of it and cars are rolling over the
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the pipes fell off of the semi truck and they are causing big problems. we will let you know what is developing there. as we take you to san jose southbound 101 at lawrence expressway, this crash is cleared. wait as solo crash in the center divider with some delays that are gone. just a little bit of slowing as you head into mountain view northbound 101. the rest of the south bay is moving along but at look at drive time traffic we are clear on 101 880 all the way to the san jose airport. >> call for uber driver and get a reward? new this morning, what the company is giving away to passengers. >> new details on the american sniper verdict with the jury speaking to "good morning america" with the exclusive right here. >> sports anchor known for
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colorful employment history is off the air and what keith did this time around.
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:13. a look at the san mateo bridge, kicking off the news with no problems and traffic is moving right along. leyla gulen is monitoring things
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and we will find out where the trouble spots are. uber is partnering with starwood to give riders extra incentive to choose their service. today uber passengers can earn one reward point for every dollar on the san francisco company's ride sharing app. you have to link your accounts online first. if you use uber while staying at a hotel you can get extra minutes. this is the first global deal where ground transportation passengers can earn hotel points for trips. >> new details on the dozen college students who overdosed on a drug at a university. four classmates are facing drug charges in connection with the overdoses. the students arrested are all under age twin. 12 students and two visitors took the drug with alcohol which is a street name for a main chemical next stacey. university has suspended the
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students would will appear in court next week. >> a jury in texas found a former marine guilty in the killing of american snipe are chris kyle and another after three hours. eddie ray routh will spend life in prison for gunning down the two at a shooting range. defense attorneys say he was suffering from mental issues and plan to appeal. george stephanopolis spoke with six on the jury on "good morning america" in an exclusive interchange. >> you were convicted he knew the difference between right and wrong wren he pulled the triggers? >> without a doubt. he knew the consequences the first time of pulling the trigger. >> the rest of what they had to say of the decision is on "good morning america" right after this newscast at 7:00 a.m. >> in chicago former wife chief
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ever staff and mayor rahm emanuel is facing a run off. he addressed the supporters after failing to pick up 50 percent of the vote in the mayoral election. that is despite spend more than $10 million on campaign and receiving several major endorsements including president obama. rahm emanuel will face off against garcia a county commissioner. >> he is a good man. no no, no, he is a good man and i look forward to a debated of the issues in the weeks ahead so we can be clear about the choice for the city of chicago. >> four years ago rahm emanuel was able to avoid a run off election and low voter turn out could have played a role. >> in meeting between senate democrats and binyamin netanyahu next week in washington. in a letter he turned down an invitation to speak to the
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democrats after his scheduled address to the congressional republicans on march 3. binyamin netanyahu said he is accused of the partisanship and speaking to democrats will make it worse. democrats are angry because the g.o.p. invited the israeli leader to address their caucus without touching base where president obama first. >> espn anchorman olbermann wi be move the air after an exchange where he corrected grammar of a twitter users and called one a "moron," and questions the quality of a pennsylvania state education andence called the tweets "inappropriate," and espn is our sister network. >> this began when they talked about a penm state fundraiser which he later praised. >> this is not the first time he
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has been in trouble. >> just a matter of time with him. he is brilliant very smart but he gets in his own way. it was a pediatric cancer fundraiser. >> cannot knock that. >> rain, still? what are the chances? >> chances are still there. we hope they get better and we will write more weather but that is all we have, the four letter word. look at the beautiful sunset yesterday from our emeryville camera we will have almost the same sunset today with a few high clouds after the low clouds leave us this morning. we will show you what is going on, not so dry as yesterday and we have a few low clouds but it is not umbrella weather. if you try to get through minneapolis or dallas we have snow falling in both areas in dallas and this is going do head toward atlanta and chicago so watch out during the
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afternoon hours we could have some delays. 680 to the san ramon valley is clear. from the exploritorium we have clouds and bay area is getting more churned up than a few hours ago but still, the winds are less then ten miles per hour over the water this morning. we. have morning clouds and is sun and mild afternoon hires and the warmest highs tomorrow and unsettled weather tomorrow and saturday. today, great 65 in san francisco and richmond and 68 in palo alto and morgan hill and antioch and fairfield and cloverdale and low-to-mid 60 and breezy along the coast. tonight we have 52 in san francisco and 50 in san mateo and mid-to-upper for the rest of bay sure and low-to-mid 40's under land so we are losing the freezing temperatures today and we could lose the 30's tomorrow.
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friday morning and sliding more toward the east, most of the moisture will be pushed into the mount detains and the mountains naturally lift and create instability need for showers so we have snow showers with, hopefully, 2-4"s of snow and we are left with scattered light showers and list than .1" of rain. my seven-day forecast is you will notice it is brick and the winds pick up and breezy to windy and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s and temperatures remain steady but not so windy sunday and monday and tuesday for the start of march. have a good one. and walnut creek southbound 680, you are barely breaking 25 miles per hour from treat boulevard up to highway 24 so give yourself a few extra minutes if you are making the drive to the 24 junction to the san ramon valley though, it is wide open. it is not is wide open in
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oakland at high street affecting ten vehicles because of pipes are on the freeway. c.h.p. is on the scene and trying to find out the information but it is very slow approaching highway 13 so avoid it and take 880 instead. if you come from castro valley 238, that is a slow down southbound side 22 miles per hour is the top speed up to highway 92 and i improves south of highway moot and then you are look at clear conditions along 880 at 58 miles per hour through fremont and 62 miles per hour on 680 headed into milpitas. 6:21. there is a new opening for men who are losing their hair. listen to this, eric. hair tattoo stylists say it can simulate look of cross cot
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closely cropped hair cut. >> tonight at 11 o'clock we will training you to the salon where men are getting a new hair line and you can see how the procedure works. >> if it is quick and inexperiencive... >> abc's "modern family," makes history tonight with an episode shot entirely on iphones and ipads. >> first, we are looking at the golden gate bridge with traffic fine and weather is pine and we will have weather and traffic during the entire commercial
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a braining overnight a verdict in the american sniper car and eddie ray routh has been found guyy of killing chris kyle and chad littlefield with all 12 on the jury with us this o. >> nasa is showing us how much dust travels through the atmosphere, and this animation was created from data collected by a satellite over six years. nasa says more than 27 million tons of defendant drift from the share -- say sahara desert to the amazon which is crucial for the amazon to grow. >> actor michael keaton is getting buzz after the oscars for something that never happened. >> oscar goes to eddie redmayne. >> as you saw he won "for the
6:26 am
theory offing," but key top my have gotten carried away show the star stuffing paper in his pocket when rehe tried -- when he rely three was not the winner. speculation is that wasly soapance speech. >> taylor swift is winning new fans in the big apple donated $50,000 to the public schools promising to make the donation back in october when she released "welcome to new york," and the money goes toward a musical production for high schools and not a one time donation and she will continue to send profits in song sales to ny public schools as? she was not popular enough with the high schoolers. >> tonight you can watch "modern family," break ground. >> procedures of put down their expensive cameras and picked up...their iphones and ipads
6:27 am
to shoot the help today. here is what to expect. shooting this episode was a blast and spoke to "good morning america" on skype. >> total filming time was two days and we filmed everything in two days which was pretty amazing. it takes a lost worker to do it but it is going to come out great. >> the creator said up with the idea while face timing with his daughter who is in college. you can catch "modern family," tone at 9:00 right here on abc7. >> stay tuned. the abc7 morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> steph curry was on the hardwood and today at white house bringing the star face-to-face with president obama. >> we continue to follow our
6:28 am
developing news 20 day old california boy is missing and details on the local help taking part in the search effort this morning. >> police have just taken a fourth suspect into custody in martinez chased from sacramento. the story is ahead. >> humidity levels rose. leading to low clouds on the roof and patchy fog with an update on the chance of rain friday and saturday. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, if you are not skyping into work, not a problem, from marin to san francisco, traffic is light but we have problems in the east bay. that is ahead when we return.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:30 on
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wednesday. thank you for joining us. i am eric thomas watching traffic and meteorologist mike nicco is there on this wednesday watching the weather situation. it was kind of chilly and not so chilly as year. the humidity helped keep up the temperatures but it is causing fog to form especially around petaluma if you are headed out, quarter-mile visibility to three miles as you head to santa rosa. now, a look at the golden gate bridge where the winds are very light, less than five miles per hour this morning. as we head through the 12 hour day planner we will have mid-50s at the coast at noon and low 60s for the rest of us and low-to-mid 60s with a few high clouds but mostly sunny at 4:00 and mild evening in the mid-to-upper 60s and a couch -- touch breezy. >> delightful this morning and the golden gate bridge picked up traffic and here is a look at the toll plaza where we have plenty of again there as you
6:32 am
come in from oakland toward san francisco and we do have a report of a stalled vehicle in middle lanes beyond the tolls so watch out for that. the san mateo bridge is sluggish chugging along the water to the peninsula and we have a problem in oakland involving not -- flat tires. we have breaking news c.h.p. and other agencies are searching for suspects right new in martinez near interstate 680 after a chase that began this morning near sacramento. amy hollyfield is in martinez. >> we got updated police in the last few minutes have found another suspect, they surrounded we the suspect in this area and they set up a perimeter with confident this person has been on the run for two hours and it is unclear if there is another person at large. look at the fence at a plumbing
6:33 am
company in martinez where it ended. officers chased the car from sacramento to here and the people inside were wanted for a robbery. police say the car was stolen and 9 on star system was giving police information on location and speed. that helped them know where to put owe the spike strip which the car drive over destroying the tires. the driver exited at arthur off of 680 without any rubber on the tires the driver could not turn the car and crashed. everyone inside the car jumped out and ran away. police chased and caught three people and new there are conflicting reports of how many were on the loose. the officer at the scene told me that there were two loose but the police log said one. they just got one. so this is a fluid situation and we are nailing down if there is one person at largest police who searched the car found a gun and from the looks of things they say it appears the group robbed a department store but that is all under investigation.
6:34 am
a developing news, abc has learned that marin county sheriff is joining the search for a 20-day old baby boy north of sacramento and here is a photo of the boy his per is 23 and they sold motors the two were kidnapped on monday and she was found late yesterday after officers heard her calling for help. she was said to be hysterical and disor yeped. teams searched into the night looking for the baby and will resume the search as sunrise. we are gathering details on the story and will bring them to you as we get them. if you take a flight on southwest today you want to call ahead and make sure your flight is scheduled after a fifth of the flight being grounded on southwest for missing mandatory inspectionses, 128 planes in all. the f.a.a. is letting the airlines fly the planes if
6:35 am
though are collected in five days. southwest has canceled 137 flights across the nation today. in the bay area less than a dozen have been canceled. >> funeral severals are held for a san jose security guard called a hero. manny zuniga was gunned down on member 14 in front of a liquor store after enter veeping when a man stole a box of cigars. a fellow security said manny zuniga save him by diving into the live fire. two have been arrested. >> cody gintz is accused of problemming a ten-year-old girl who was selling girl scout cookies at a safeway store. the cash box was returned and officers and dispapers with the san jose police department ended up buying the remaining cookies and throwing in extra cash to help the troop.
6:36 am
>> a republican lawmaker has introduce add bill to ban bart workers from going on strike. the assembly woman believes she and get the legislation passed by focusing on how damaging the bart strikes are to commuters traffic congestion and the economy. workers have previously said that a abandon strikes gives member an unfair advantage in contract nexts. the bill faces steep opposition in the democratic-controlled legislature. current contracts are not set to expire until juan of 2017689 arizona truck driver is in custody accused of causing a horrific commuter train crash in southern california of the authorities say the driver got out of the truck and was found walking more than a mile and a half away from the accident west of los angeles in oxnard yesterday. he told police he turned prematurely and the truck was struck on the rails and pushed it 300 petition --' down the
6:37 am
track. >> california voter will have the say on a ban on last dick bags. the legislature approves the ban in the summer that would be phased in starting in july but trade group has put this on the ballot putting the law on hold. 9 referendum will not affect the cities that passed their own local bans. >> warriors star steph curry could meet with president obama today at the white house and will be at the white house to promote the u.n. nothing but net antimalaria program. he donates three treated nets for every three-pointer he maded. he made knife in -- five last night over the wizards. he said he was not sure if he would meet the president a big hoops fan but the white house is sell britting the progress made in the fight against malaria after ten careers of american leadership. the president will announce strategy for the next six years
6:38 am
of the initiative. >> it is now 6:37. more on our safety alert with dozens of southwest nights still grounded across the country although the f.a.a. says they are okay to fly. >> apple's emojis are racist. >> a shot from lake tahoe showing you how little snow there is up
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6:41 am
valley and monterey and san diego. 81 in palm springs. look at the snow pack: disheartening at 19 percent. worse than last year. the seven-day forecast shows lake tahoe containing two storms but they do not have much moisture, make a couple of inches on friday and saturday and a couple more monday and tuesday. have a good one. >> we have two separate accidents very near to each other and the first is on the transition could the interchange westbound 80 to southbound 680 involving two big rigs and several other vehicles, 36 miles per hour is the top speed as you come from fairfield so we have possibly one lane blocked and another vehicle in the bushes and southbound direction along 680 as you pass 80 another accident involving a transit bus and coming across the benicia bridge and all else is running on time. >> in trading, we go to the
6:42 am
nasdaq for the morning money report. >> plus new details on the anthem hack attack and there could be millions of new victims who are not even customers. >> first stay in the know with abc7 with slow traffic on the san mateo bridge. leyla will tell you where
6:43 am
6:44 am
covering novato, oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. new details on the push to bring the nfl back to los angeles. a stadium for the rams was approved last night days after a plan was announced for the raiders to build steam with -- stadium with the chargers nearby. >> this is a shakeup.
6:45 am
the los angeles area which has no professional sports teams or football teams has three making plans to move there. the raiders announced a joint effort with the chargeers to build a spores arena in carson outside of los angeles. both have struggled to secure stadium contracts in their hometowns. the images show you what the proposed site would look like. last night, the city council in englewood approved construction of a stadium for the rams. the owner bought a 60 acre lot and wants to develop it. we spoke with former raiders on the phone about the potential shakeup with the missile and if he thinks the raiders could leave. >> it is a possibility unless something happens in oakland. you have to have a place to play. most of all when you look at what is going on around the league today, the raiders are laying in the oldest stadium in
6:46 am
the league. >> englewood and carson are a short drive from each other, less than 15 miles apart. but the raiders and charges will north with the home markets to make a deal. oakland coliseum board authority will vote on whether to extend the team's lease. apple is facing criticism as it rolls out new emojis releasing new icons when you text to add diversity but users of unhappy with the yellow icons thinking they are racist. a consumer technical expert says there is no malintent the emojis are originally yellow. >> they are misunderstanding what it is. that it is just a default neutral clear and it has all
6:47 am
been. >> the emoji are in development stage. >> anthem's breach could affect those who are not even customers. >> good news for friends coming to the bay area for spring break. >> here is the morning money report with jane king. on the east coast. >> it is about on that feels down right warm. good morning guys, we are lower here on wall street but it is quiet. we have the former reserve chairwoman back on capitol hill today for day two of testimony. the dow is down 15 and s&p 500 and nasdaq lower. the anthem data hack could hit 80 million customers and 13.5 million in california are estimated to have their information compromised in some way and up to 19 million who are not customers could be victims
6:48 am
because they operate under different names. apple is ordered to pay $533 million after it said itune software used a again moves permission without permission and apple said they owed $4.5 million at the most but the jury said it was more like $530 million. and microsoft marketing is paying off with tie ins with the missile and tv shes are helping with seals but at a high cost with latest campaign for the service estimated at $50 million. it will cost less to get to san francisco for spring break "a little," 1 percent cheaper than last year for hates -- flights. and denver was down the most at 15 percent. >> thanks jane. she was talking about it warmer now that it is 20 degrees out this. >> quite a difference from our
6:49 am
"warmer." >> i call a friend back east where it was three degrees. >> did you of course. >> it will snow in dallas today and atlanta tonight. >> we have fog that is dangerous in petaluma through rohnert park and winds are lights we and variable but they were just strong enough to bring extra moisture so that is why we see the low clouds and the fog with temperatures up to anyone degrees warmer. the san rafael camera is hazy but not foggy south on 101 to the golden gate bridge and to the south we have low-to-mid 40s but cupertino at 39 and warmest along with danville and fairfield and 40 in calistoga
6:50 am
and 49 in san pablo and june in alameda and redwood city at 46 and in san francisco 51 degrees. check out the beautiful picture from our camera the sun is coming up. we will town the clouds interest sunshine with mild temperatures this afternoon. if you lie yesterday we are in the same ballpark this afternoon. the warmest highs tom and the weather is unsettled friday and saturday with breezy conditions and showers and cool other yet. today is not bad, mid-to-upper 60s in most neighborhoods and low-to-mid 60s because it will be a touch breezy at the coast. low-to-mid 40s inland and mid-40s to nearly 50 at most neighbors and 52 in san francisco with no freezing temperatures and no 30s by tomorrow morning. the low pressure tomorrow and dropping into the pacific northwest during friday morning and trying to move in to the sierras during the evening on friday when we have our best chance of a wintory mix and we
6:51 am
have scattered light showers and the same headed to saturday and interest saturday evening it all fall apart and i help to get .1" out of the system but it will be scattered and not all of us get it. a couple of helps in the sierra. we hit 70 tomorrow away from the coast and mid-60s and low-to-mid 60s into the end of february and end of >> activity in solano county with no if ways of getting away the accidents. the first accident involving a up 6:00 18 of 18-wheelers, we barked up from highway 12 at fairfield and there is no good way to get around this and a new accident off of 80. if you are traveling along 80 there is an accident there.
6:52 am
680 is not much better because we have another accident involving a transit bus so it is packed conditions. over the bridges everything is cleared interest vallejo but back over to oakland, westbound 580 we had pipes in the road from nats tires and back -- from flat tires and backups to highway 13. >> we will keep weather and traffic throughout the entire commercial break. >> isn't that a gorgeous sun we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the final days of the ultimate sleep number event. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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>> good when morning at 6:54 with the sun rising over san jose. this is 280 with traffic moving slowly but okay mostly. here are seven things to know before you go: breaking news in martinez, police have taken a four the person into custody after a chase that began in sacramento area. officers chased the stolen car to i-680 to martinez and found a gun in the car and believe the group robbed a department store. >> the marin county sheriff is joining the search for a 20-day old baby boy north of sacramento after disappearing on sunday morning. the mother said her and her son
6:55 am
were abducted. federal officials say southwest airlines can keep flying their planes although they missed key inspections. the airline voluntarily grounded 1289 planes yesterday while the jets are checked out. according to www. flightaware www.flightaware.comfewer than a dozen are impacted. >> a former marine was found guilty in the killing of chris kyle and another man from years ago at a shooting range. eddie ray routh faces life in prison and the attorneys will appeal. >> the englewood city council gave the green light to build a new football stadium for the programs less less than half an hour for the proposition of a proposed shared stadium for chargers and raiders. >> treatment is 42. in oakland it is 50. san francisco is 54 degrees. check out the beautiful sunrise from our camera.
6:56 am
we are use this as the backdrop to talk about sunshine this afternoon low-to-mid 60 and breezy and 65 to 68. enjoy. >> two accidents in solano county in cordelia 36 miles per hour approaching westbound 80 to southbound 680 where a couple of 18-wheelers and several other vehicles were involved south of there on southbound 6 80's another accident involving a transit bus and this new accident into san pablo westboundity at hilltop road two vehicles including one that is overturned and possible injuries and headed up through highway four. >> in other words, back to normal. >> back to normal. >> we continue on-line. >> see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, guilty. american sniper chris kyle's killer convicted. >> we've waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son. >> both victims' families overcome with emotion. the jury from that blockbuster trial deliberating for just over two hours. the killer sentenced to life in prison. we'll take you inside the jury room, six of the jurors here exclusively on "gma." also breaking overnight, airline safety alert. southwest admits missing key inspections for more than 100 planes. so, why are they still being allowed to fly? home explosion. new details this morning about this stunning blast caught on tape. a home completely blown to pieces rocking an entire neighborhood. 15 people hurt. the warning to all homeowners this morning. and an abc news ex


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